The Diamond Projectx


What I offer is becoming your Lifestyle Photographer, cinematographer, & Creative content director for any visual projectx you may have regarding you personally, your brand or if you just want to have better content to post. Also I am a traveling photographer mainly based in Atlanta, Miami, NY & LA. If you decide to take a dope trip in the states or go out of the country, shopping or studio time or just a day in the life of you to simply capture your fashion, I can be there capturing every dope aesthetic moment. Visual content increases anticipation from your audience, in doing that it can expand your platform to new levels.


Traveling deposit: 

In states - $800 + service rate  

Out of country - $1200 + service rate

                             **Contract required** 

Content Rates              

  • Photo $200 1hr+ 

  • Promo visual $350 2hrs+

  • Studio Photos $350 2hrs+

  • Short Visuals $600 3hrs+  

  • Full video $1k - $1.5k 4hrs+

Business Consulting / Marketing

  • Web page designing $350 - $550

  • Product shots/promo visual $175 - $375

  • Promo Flyers $75 - $125

    - Correspond with company budget if any. 

Instagram: @Tdprojectx